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JPII Outdoor Lab is an opportunity for youth to encounter the living God in the heart of the Rocky
Mountains! Through JPII Outdoor Lab youth encounter Christ during Catholic outdoor education
and environmental science, confirmation retreats, backpacking, and summer pilgrimage adventures.


Representing a school? Come join us on an adventure! Get registered for a spring event now. After your registration is complete you'll be able to invite students and parents to participate.


JPII Outdoor Lab depend on help generously given by volunteers. Every camp we're able to run requires the charity gift of time from those willing to give and teach. We are in sonstant need of chaperones, clean-up crews and many other people to help our camps be so successful.

Faith and Science

Isn't the Catholic Church anti-science? What kind of relationship does the Church have with science and nature? Where does that come from? What's the real history with the Chuch and Science?